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Our shared support model include all processes tools and services needed to support your IT landscape now and in future. Our shared services provides flexibility which converts fixed cost into variable expense. We bring in innovation which your inhouse team might neglect. Our performance driven culture help you focus on Key performance indicator (KPI) for your business rather than focusing on traditional approach to business

    • Our talent pool helps you resolve your challenge of getting the right level of skills and expertise.
    • We add value to your business by improving customer experience

Virtual Support Service:


IDESLABS is an excellent product and technical support services provider with innovative solution that overcome challenges of implementing best in class support services. We have dedicated team for customer service, technical support and helpdesk services. Our business support helps the customer to free up their time and maximize productivity and focus more on business-critical function. Our key differentiators:

    • Fast reliable and flexible support services
    • High quality customer care
    • Technical team with skilled individuals having technical and customer care expertise.
    • 1 hour support over the period of 3 months.

Why Us?

Our job shared services help you save cost, enhance quality and efficiency. Our experts team manage the organisation’s functions to deliver in an effective manner. Our clients have positive note that results in higher degree of customer satisfaction and empower their new business capabilities.

    • Reduce your overall cost of ownership
    • Get skilled and flexible team as per your requirement
    • Leverage industries best practices and framework
    • Technical Support for excellent user experience
    • Predefined programs and template help to speed up operational process
    • Metrics published to all stakeholders periodically for better governance and visibility

Through our SAP services we bring deep expertise to support the core SAP functions. We enable customer to simplify, standardize, and automate key business processes to meet service level agreements at a lower cost per transaction.


Pricing of Technical Support:


If you can't find the IT On-Job Support what you're looking for, please contact Virtual Support Services and we'll support you and design the schedule just for you.

We have consultants available for all IT Technologies; Our Consultants will provide Technical assistance at your jobs. We have been serving many employees and consulting companies in USA and other countries from last 6 years.

Our Support services are now growing to provide lower costs, higher quality, which leverages business growth. Virtual Support Services has been a pioneer in providing the job support and shared services to the organizations to scale up their operations.


We are one of kind firm with all in one solution for your business that helps the client address both short term challenges as well as long term value creation. With our best in class business modules i.e, consulting program and support services model and we support all aspects of your business.


Application Support Services

Technology is transforming business and customers are looking to improve efficiency and value in application support while business processes are changing. There is a pressing need for maintaining the application’s constant availability, agility, reduced cost and ensured end-user satisfaction. IDESLABS application support team can provideL1, L2 and L3 support for business application and across different time zone. Our support team has in-depth knowledge of the product they are going to support.This is ensured by in-depth classroom training, access to knowledge base and on the job training. We provide regular assessment, continuous improvements, efficient optimization and automation of application and we also support application migration.

Application Support Services  

Application Management Services

Our holistic AMS portfolio provides a solution that focuses on delivering strategic business outcome by helping clients fully maximize the value of their application. IDESLABS provides full lifecycle support for business application. AMS services cover all three aspects of the application lifecycle ie Application lifecycle management, application portfolio management, and application performance management. Our proven process and methodology help the client keep their application run smoothly and add value to the business.

Our AMS services have 5 phases:  

IDESLABS Incident Management Process: