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Consulting Services

We are known for innovative methodologies and agile structure to provide the customers with fast responses that speed the result. IDESLABS provides you with flexible, scalable, adaptive and customized services to drive performance and business value.

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Training Services

IDESLABS core training and development solution target the core performance issues and find a practical solution, enabling the workforce to develop leadership from within. We provide both online and corporate training programs. Our global online training program has successfully benefitted clients in Brazil, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Vietnam, Dubai and Middle East, Malaysia and Singapore. There are 9000 SME connected virtually to take up the online sessions. We have already taken more 40000 hours of online training.

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Support Services

IDESLABS offers custom-designed enterprise application development that offers creative collaboration, enhance real-time exchange of crucial information components, and accelerate the process of collective workflow management. We seek to develop and design value-oriented solutions that bring people, process and productivity on the same platform; thereby helping organizations meet the pressing challenges of an evolving marketplace and address the competitive demands of agile audiences.

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Our Timeline

  1. *We reached consultancy services, provided 200+ resources
    * provided 2000+ Trainings
    *500+ Support and shared services for individuals

  2. Now with online trainings we also provide corporate trainings for domestic and international clients

  3. We expanded online trainings like cloud services, advanced technologies, upcoming skills, different ERPs, applications, tools and Middleware technologies.

  4. We started online trainings about 5 skills with small team

Job Supports Provided
Hours Trainings Provided

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Several strategies for success can be good for your business from us. The goal of extending the innovativeness through transformation develops procedures more hastily.

Application management services

    • Payroll and personnel administration
    • Consulting on technology

Corporate Training

    • Largest collection of unique training programs
    • Trusted by 100's of HR and L&D Managers across India

Support and shared services

    • Build leadership support
    • Get insights from the industry experts

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